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How do I contact support ?


The contact number listed on my jetpack account has been block from call all the numbers in the contact us. I was an Alltel customer and have had this number since 2011. My devices have been switched around several times since June. When I told them that my devices were switched around. It started saying I wasn't customer. The number has been on Redpocket(a Verizon MVNO) for the last year. When I setup a prepaid account for someone the my Verizon authenticator code showed up on my postpaid account. My calls are going to a call center for foreign speakers. I believe a rep with personal Grudge is swapping my data speed with a Tracfone customer. Today I called RedPocket six times they keep saying I am porting and hanging up. They say their manager is unavailable. I have no idea why that would matter or why they feel I would  call them if I was. I finally called Verizon from another phone and the rep that answered the second Redpocket
call answered the call and she kept repeating what I had told her over. The community Reps keep asking for my number , one asked if I had ported and another said my number was inactive. How does a person make calls on an inactive number. Has anything like this happen to anyone else ? I tried sending a letter, but they switched my billing address from Atlanta to Dallas after it was sent. I can no longer switch device on my account without calling them. I can't change my email, pin etc. because its device unavailable.