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How come I can't access the internet when I put cellular data back on?


I am traveling in Switzerland. I have a global plan. I try to limit my data use by turning cellular data off when I don't need it. When I go to turn it on hours later (and while in a place with excellent reception), it does not work. So even though I am paying for this service I can't seem to be able to use it when I need it. I have turned the phone off completely and restarted it. That does not work. Eventually I was able to get on the Internet through wifi (at the exact same location). And that seemed to kick start the internet. After I was logged into the internet I shut the wifi down, turned cellular data back on, and it worked fine. My fear is what if I need to use the internet but do not have access to wifi to kick it into gear?  Something seems to be wrong. Also if I call the international Verizon help phone number does it eat up my minutes or is it a free call?

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