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How can I get a returned payment expunged from my account?


Back in February, I had to switch the account I use for AutoPay.  After making the switch, the Verizon website said the payment went through.  The next month, I had TWO bills and a late fee.  I was aggravated but I paid the bill.  Two weeks ago, I walked into the Verizon store to upgrade my phone via the Edge program.  I'm told I can't upgrade until August because I had a missed payment.  I call into Verizon and they explain that because the payment was kicked back, I'm in a 'penalty box' for Edge.  However, they say they can submit a request to have the Edge program reinstated.  They also say they will call me back the next day when this is completed.  Two days go by: no phone call.  I call back.  Explain the whole thing over again.  They're very sorry and say they're waiting for the case to get reviewed.  It should be tomorrow and they'll call me back.  I wait two days.  No call back.  I call again.  This goes on two more times.  Finally, I called today and talked to someone who said the mystery Edge dispute department has no phone contact info and only works via letters or the mail.  They've denied my claim and there's nothing I can do. 

I need to get this resolved.  Otherwise, I'm switching to someone else.  My phone does not work well and that's the whole point of having Edge in the first place.  Let's get it sorted.

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