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Horrible Customer Service/Failed to honor contract terms

I have tried, with no avail, since October of 2014 to reach a satisfactory conclusion with your company over an dispute with my account.  A little backstory first: Back in October 2014 I upgraded my phone for my primary number.  At the time of doing this the sales associate asked me if I was interested in adding a tablet to my account.  I said no I was not .  He then offered myself a discount of $10 per month for two years on my account and he would throw in the tablet for free.  Since the price of the tablet being added to my account would be $10 per month and the credit would span the entire length of the contract I agreed.  When we were close to activating the tablet, the sales associate said his system would not allow him to give me the $10 credit for the 2 years, but he could give me a $20 credit per month for one year. As this credit would still equal the total price I would end up paying for the tablet for the length of the contract I agreed.  In the end, I upgraded my phone and activated the tablet.  A couple of months went by and I noticed that I was being charged the monthly fee for the tablet, but I was not getting the credit that was promised to me in my contract.  I contacted customer service by phone, explained the situation and was told that even though they could see the annotations in my account to receive the credit that I needed to go into the store to resolve the issue.  I went to the store the next week and waited for about an hour to be seen.  The sales associate at the store , different from the original person that helped me, reviewed my account and contract and agreed that I should be receiving the credit to my account.  I had also received a flyer from Verizon Wireless in the mail that week notifying me that the plan I was on was out of date and they now offered a new plan that had double to data for the same price I was paying, so the Sales Associate changed my plan at that time.  She told me that the Manager was busy with other customers but she would pass along my information and my issue and the Manager would be contacting me and issuing myself the back credit as well as adding the discount to my account. Another month went by in which I never received a phone call from the manager and I still did not receive the credit on my account.  I called back to customer service explained the entire situation and was once again told that they could not help me and I would need to go into the store.  Well about a week ago I finally made it back into the store.  I immediately requested to see the manager since I was told the last time I was in the store that they were they only ones who could issue a credit to my account. I was repeatedly asked why I needed to see a manager by the sales associate even after I explained it was to receive a credit on my bill.  She would leave to the back of the store and come back with questions from the manager to which she would relay my answers to her.  This went on for about an hour until finally the manager came out from the back of the store.  Instead of the manager coming to greet myself, she sent the sales associate over to me to let me know that the manager would see me at the computer in the front of the store.  Again, I was never greeted by the manager even after I walked over to her.  She immediately copped an attitude with me and went into trying to explain that when I changed my plan in February that that took over for the credit I was suppose to have been receiving for a year. I tried to explain to her that I had never received a credit on my account since I activated the tablet and that the rate plan change had nothing to do with the credit I should have been receiving since it is a rate plan that anyone can sign up for.  This went on back and forth with her for about another 20 minutes until she finally agreed to give me a credit of $20 per month from the day I activated the tablet until the day I changed my rate plan.  I then told her since Verizon Wireless had not lived up to their end of the contract by giving me the discount on my account that I just wanted to cancel the contract and give the tablet back to which she told me that if I did I would be charged a $140 cancellation fee.  At this point I was completely distraught from my entire experience with Verizon Wireless and especially on how I was being treated as a customer that I decided it would just be in my best interest to cancel the tablet and pay the fee.  I went home and contacted another store to request the information to the district or regional manager in the area to which I was bombarded with  "Why do you need to talk to them?" questions. I explained it was stemming from a situation at another store, they took my information and said they would pass it along to the district manager once he got back from vacation which was suppose to have been this last Monday and it is now Sunday.  As of now, I have still not received a phone call.  They flat out refused to give me their phone number or even their name.  Because of my situation, how I was treated and the overall lack of customer service I have received from your company I will not be renewing the remainder of my contracts with Verizon Wireless once they have expired and I will recommend to all of my family and colleagues to not use Verizon Wireless for their mobile communications needs.  You need me as a customer more than I need you as a service provider.  Perhaps one day your company and its associates will learn the true meaning of what customer service is because as far as I can see you have lost it somewhere.  I hope my experience will help potential customers to not be fooled by sales associates looking to make a quick buck in commission and then fundamentally failing to honor the contracts they setup. By the way, I just looked at my account online and noticed that THE TABLET HAS NOT BEEN CANCELLED YET EVEN THOUGH THE MANAGER AT THE STORE SAID SHE HAD CANCELLED IT!  This is just becoming a big joke.

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Re: Horrible Customer Service/Failed to honor contract terms
Líder Sénior

1.   Service can only be canceled by a phone call to customer service.

2.  At the time of your purchase, you recieved paperwork outlining your contract for phone, tablet and service.   Have you read it?  (Copies are online under "my documents").   No verbal agreements will be honored.  

I Find it hard to believe a store employee of Verizon was able to put a $20 credit on your account for a year.  Credits like this require approval from higher up the chain, and would most likely be denied.

3.  Was ypur purchase at a Verizon store, or an authorized retailer (Best Buy, or Wireless kiosk with multiple carriers)?

Re: Horrible Customer Service/Failed to honor contract terms

store managers can disconnect lines as long as they are direct (my cousin is one i asked lol)
and momma23dogs is right about the contract though no verbal agreement is upheld outside of what was agreed to when you signed that paper (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read all things you put your name on sales people do things like this all the time) and if you didnt get the paperwork for the discount its not valid i would escilate if the store manager isnt being helpfull