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Hidden Fee about my current bill


Thank you for assisting with this matter.  I am on a 5gb a month plan and knowingly used close to my cap for the month due to an upgrade to my computer and had tethered about 1gb of data.  Close to about 6 days left in my billing cycle I received a text offering me a 15$ charge for an additional 1gb of data or the option to upgrade to the unlimited plan for what would be only 30$ extra per month from what my current bill would be.  I went ahead and opted for unlimited and checked the My Verizon app to see my bill.  It not only didn't mention a hidden 33 dollar fee when I was offered unlimited but also added a one time fee for switching plans during the current bill cycle.   Why would I be sent a text about my data usage being at my limit and an option to upgrade to unlimited if I didn't wanted the plan to begin next bill cycle, I'm out of data of course I want the plan to allow the data for the remainder of the cycle I'm on or I would have accepted not using data for the 6 remaining days and upgraded the policy when I wanted?  So since I was charged 130+ for the next bill I called to dispute with Customer Service that I simply don't agree to the fees that were never mentioned when being offered the upgrade and I just want my 5gb 75$ a month plan back.  They told me they would waive the hidden 1 time fee that if had been mentioned during the offer I would not have upgraded and waited the 6 days as I was on safe data mode but that I cannot go back to the 5gb plan until next cycle basically duping me into $30 more dollars on my bill for this month.  An hour on the phone very calm and even a supervisor was unwilling to assist other than continually calling me "brother" and offering 2 options over and over.  I am extremely frustrated about this and his only options were to waive the 30$ one time hidden fee and again had the fee been mentioned during the option to upgrade to the unlinked I would have decline, but that he could have the 5gb plan effective next billing cycle.  Which means I still pay an extra 30$ for this months bill.  Please contact me as I am not satisfied and will not accept the options offered.

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Re: Hidden Fee about my current bill

Verizon Employee


There definitely does sound like some confusion going on with what should be a simple plan change. Since I will need account-specific information to help on this, please check your Inbox as I have sent you a Private Message on this topic.


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