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Here's to hoping Verizon sees this


I am a servicemember currently stationed in South Korea. Verizon took a payment from my bank after my account was suspended so I now have a negative balance. I would love to call Verizon, but I am half the world away and my schedule does not line up with their hours since most of their business day is when I am sleeping. Plus, I am not going to rack up untold international charges to get a refund back - seems contradictory. So, how can I go about getting this negative balance refunded back to me and when is Verizon going to do something about contacting them for those unable to contact by phone? Don't tell me that live chat is an option because that does not work at all and emailing someone is obviously too simple to even list as an option. Instead, I resort to the forums and hope an employee sees it.

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Re: Here's to hoping Verizon sees this

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Even if an employee happens to come to a customer to customer forum and sees your post they have no idea who you are to do anything about your account.

Suspension don't last forever. Unless there is some sort of special suspension for military personnel, suspensions are for 90 days at a time and can be done for a total of 180 days a year. Also there is 2 type of suspension with billing and without billing.

Re: Here's to hoping Verizon sees this

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If you initiate a suspension AFTER the bill closing date, you would still be charged for the bill which closed before the suspension.Smiley Happy


Re: Here's to hoping Verizon sees this

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Hi 'Murica!

Thanks so much for the sacrifices you have made! I'm more than happy to look into this for you and work out a resolution.
I have sent you a Direct Message in the forums. Please respond back as soon as possible, thank you!

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