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Has Verizon made their error your problem?


It's Jan of 2016, and I just discovered in the line items of my bill that Verizon was still charging me 10 months later for their international calling package (ICP)($25mo) for a one week vacation I took to Mexico in March of 2015.

I wanted to avoid missteps when I ordered the ICP originally in Jan 2015- in advance of the trip, I was explicit with the customer service rep that this was needed only for one week and that I only authorized a one-time charge- and she assured me that's what it would be. When I returned from my vacation in Mexico, I even took time out of my day and called back to ensure the charge would be taken off the next billing cycle. The rep assured me it was removed and I would see only 1 charge for $25. I've never traveled outside the country since, there was no usage of any sort for international calls/text/date.

Fast forward to today 01/16 and what do I see on  my bill? A $25 charge for the international calling package. I called in, took the issue up to the manager, and the BEST they could do was to refund 6 of the 9 months of $25 charges that were billed after I cancelled it. He said the problem was that I did not catch the error sooner, and I should be happy they're giving me back 6 months of the charges- like it's a favor to me. Never-mind there's not one instance of any international service use on my phone number. And, in other words, their rep's word means nothing before or after the transaction, they're in business to play cat and mouse with charges and they'll always win- because how many customes, living busy lives, will actually find and pursue a resolution going through their faceless, time consuming, confusing and labyrinthian system to get something corrected? So, in other words, because I believed their customer service rep that it was removed, they are going to keep $75 of my money? Breach of trust, Verizon making their error my problem, my time is valueless , the fact I've been a customer for over 15 years and have never paid a bill late in that time doesn't mean anytihng.

I want a full refund of every charge assessed erroneously after the first- ($250), a 6 month refund isn't good enough- taking 4 months of my money "because I didn't catch it sooner" is just "theft" plain and simple.

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Re: Has Verizon made their error your problem?

Community Manager
Community Manager

MarkDMcHale, I have just sent you a Private Message to address your concerns further. Thanks in advance for your time and patience.

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Re: Has Verizon made their error your problem?


Take the 6 months of refund. I wonder why in 12 months why you didn't review your bill?

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