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Getting Dunning Calls For Money Not Owed


I am receiving calls regarding a small amount on my bill ($70) that I do not owe.

In December of 2017 I called and cancelled my Verizon service I had had for many years (probably about 10).  The reason for the cancellation was that Verizon practically put me out of business.  I was in Thailand on vacation, and instead of my Verizon voicemail working properly according to my customers it answered the phone with some "Japanese language".  Many of my customers thought I had gone out of business and found other providers.  I am still reeling from that debacle.

Your agent credited my account and told me I if I paid the $126.98 that was owed, there would be no additional obligation, including the fee on the "Jetpack" I had purchased.

In February, I received another bill.  On February 6 I contacted your office and spoke to Kirby.  He assured me that the bill was indeed 0.

In March I received another bill.  I spoke to Candace on March 5, 2018.  She told me to throw the bill away as it was incorrect because of billing cycles.

On April 3 I got a call from Deborah in collections.  After discussing the matter with her she stated she would make a note in the file that nothing is owed on the account.

On April 4 I got another call.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the woman's name as she was very nasty and belligerent, stating that I still owed money on this account and threatening to send the matter to collections.

I am very proud of my credit history.  If you will examine your records you will note that I had been a client of Verizon since 2003.  In that time there were very, very few late payments.  What does it take to get this matter resolved?

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Re: Getting Dunning Calls For Money Not Owed

Asistencia al cliente

DATATAMER, we can understand how alarming it may be to continuously receive a bill after being advised that you do not owe anything. We are here to help further investigate the details to make sure this matter gets resolved once and for all. I am sad to see that you have already made the decision and left us for a different provider. I have further investigated the voicemail experience you had for while you were in Thailand. We are showing that voicemail is available in this area. This should not have been the type of experience your customer should have received when they contacted you and we apologize that you had departed from us based off of this experience. I have sent you a private message to further investigate your billing concern. Please respond to that message, thank you.




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