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Get plan before phone?



So I am purchasing a new iPhone 6s through apple next week. I am using their iPhone upgrade program which will give me an unlocked phone. However apple is requiring the phones to be activated before leaving the store to prevent reselling of the phones. And so I am planning on starting a new plan with verizon, I have been on a shared plan for many years but am looking to have my own plan and contract. Now I'm not sure the logistics of this situation, if I need to have an active line or plan before going in, or have a prepaid month sim card. I would like to get the Verizon Plan with the 3GB of data and unlimited txt and talk it would suite my needs, however is it possible to start a plan or contract before you own a phone on that plan? I have an existing verizon phone that I currently use on another plan, would I have to activate that phone on the new plan, then switch to the new iphone when I get it?


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Re: Get plan before phone?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Being able to get this device is important to you, phanover. Let's explore your options. You can assume your existing line (with phone) from the current account owner so you have a line ready to accept the new device. Once it's in your name, you can choose any plan you prefer. How does that sound?

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