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GREED is gonna GETCHA!


I forgot my phone in an Uber car about a month ago. I reported it to UBER about an hour after i lost it. However, one of their passengers recovered the phone and said they would mail it back to me. They sounded shady, but I waited a week and the phone never came in the mail. So, I reported the phone stolen to Asurion. They sent me a new phone next day, which was NOT new, like the phone I had lost. It was refurbished and the battery life isn't near as good as the phone I had lost. I ponied up $200 to get this "new" phone and a bout three weeks later to my surprise, the original phone was in fact mailed back to me. So, of course, I called Verizon to have the phone (which i am still paying for monthly, btw) removed from the stolen list so I could try and recoup some of the money I had lost. Recently, however, new policies had been enforced that dictates that Asurion is the only company that can remove my old phone for the list. Asurion, then tells me that conditions in MY POLICY, state that if the original phone resurfaces, it is the property of Asurion and that I am required to send it to them. I am assuming at which point they would take the phone off of the stolen list and resell the phone to some other Shmuck who is also ponying up $200 AND paying a monthly premium for insurance just like me. All the while, I am still paying Verizon for the original phone until its paid off. Needless to say, I have cancelled ALL of my accounts I had with Asurion. VERIZON SHOULD BE ASHAMED TO BE IN BED WITH CROOKS LIKE THESE. Verizon might just be next on my list of cancellations. Obviously, they are gaining a nice profit off of this as well, or they would have never negotiated a contract with a company like Asurion, who recently settled a major class action lawsuit with customers for T-Mobile. It is such a shame that service based companies who claim to be dedicated to the best customer service, are the very companies that are GOUGING each and every one of their customers every chance they get. All I have to say to both parties involved in these scams is, "The GREED is gonna GETCHA"  It's just a matter of time.

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Re: GREED is gonna GETCHA!

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Yes, most phone insurance is not really worth the money IMO since you usually don't get a phone as good as what you had. And you have to pay a 200.00 deductible for this. . . . . No, gracias.

That is why I only buy reasonably priced phoned & take my chances. Paying 300 to 400 plus dollars for something so fragile & easy to lose just doesn't make sense to me. But to each their own.

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