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Verizon has been great when it comes to speed, quality, etc. However, I am on my own plan, by myself, and I can't afford it. Every month money is so tight just because of my Verizon bill. I'm sick of it. I pay for a larger amount of data than I should have to but I use a lot of data because the location of my home is too far away for any service providers, meaning we have terrible Wi-Fi. I wish Verizon would do an unlimited plan so each month I am not charged basically double what it should be because of these stupid fees. I wish the area I live had coverage for T-Mobile or Sprint because I would join them in a heartbeat. I am thinking I am going to have to cancel my plan and pay the huge early termination fee so I can join the [Removed] phone provider out there, StraightTalk. Which, believe me, I DO NOT want to do. Overall, my life is miserable because of Verizon.

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Re: Frustrated


Smart talk, $45 a month, unlimited talk,text 5kgs per month, $44 a month with auto pay☺️

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