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Friends iphone isn't receiving my texts suddenly


Hi, so I'm having trouble texting my friend but the strange thing is, I was able to text him before. He has an iphone (not sure which one) and I had a samsung at the time (now pixel 3) when it happened. He was able to receive my messages fine on my motorola and my samsung too, until he couldn't get them from my samsung suddenly. I recently changed phones and he still isn't able to get my texts through my pixel 3. I've tried inputing his number back in and even downloaded other texting apps, but nothing seems to have worked.

Please help!

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Re: Friends iphone isn't receiving my texts suddenly

Verizon Employee

really_a_banana, it's important to us that all of your intended contacts receive your messages. I welcome the opportunity to assist with this matter. Since you're able to receive texts from your friend but they're not getting yours, the first thing we'd recommend is having them check their Settings>Messages>Blocked just to ensure that your number wasn't somehow inadvertently added to that list. If your number isn't in that specific blocked section (only under Messages) and the issue still persists, please let us know.


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