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Fraudulent purchase on bill!

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I visit a number of mobile forums and have noticed a rise in fraud complaints.  Customers are outraged to discover a new phone has been purchased at full retail and charged to their mobile bill.

I was in a mobile store today and asked the manager and employees about this issue.  They were all nodding before I finished my question, confirming this is NOT a small problem.

They said they get about 3-4 customers a week complaining about being billed for a phone they didn't order.   The phones are always iphone 6 or 6+ , and purchased directly from Apple.  I'm guessing they purchase an international version, which can be used on any carrier.

By the time the IMEI number is reported as stolen and the phone blacklisted, the phone is resold to some poor sucker, who then can't use it.

I also understand some are doctoring the IMEI numbers somehow, so they appear to be clear.  I'm sure there is plenty of other ways they are benefiting from this and getting away with it.

So how do they do it?

All the thief needs is the account owners phone number and any other account information. 

a lot of the information is on your paper bill.

PLEASE,  to prevent yourself from becoming a victim, put a 4 digit pin on your account; use online paperless billing or shred any paper documents before recycling; don't share your private information with anyone.

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Re: Fraudulent purchase on bill!

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Yeah the apples get the most $ for these bad people