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Fraudulent VZWRLSS charge , now put on cash only terms - can this be fixed


My account consists of three family member lines. Recently I had recieved a charge on the card that is used monthly to pay our bill in total in the amount of $225.61. We were under the impression that this was the payment of our bill which showed up as VZWRLSS*APOCC VISA. Thinking the account was paid and up to date we were notified that our bill has not been paid and have to go on a cash only payment because of this charge that was deemed "not Verizon" by the store we frequent in town. We were told it was not there problem and they wouldn't do anything to try and help, even bringing the documentation from Chase bank and they wouldn't even look at it. Treating us basically like criminals they pointed to the automatic payment machine and are stuck driving to another store far from our hometown because our local store cannot take the forced cash payments. Is there any way to resolve this being that the charge to use was the amount of our bill from a fraudulent Verizon wireless recipient. Agradezco cualquier tipo de ayuda. The treatment we have recieved throughout this headache of a situation has been extremely unnecessary, as we went in to try and fix the problem from the get go. It seems like the only option not to be forced to pay cash because of this VZWRLSS charge is to switch providers. Not only that but had to pay all the reconnect fees because of this fraudulent charge made in their name. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. I should note that up until this point there was no discrepancy in our scheduled payments, they made us do this after one bill where the charge on our end appeared to be paid in full up to date. Thanks in advance.

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