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Forced buyout, completely unacceptable


The exact same thing has been happening to me that I read in a previous post. I am beyond frustrated. My phone was put into a forced buyout 5 months ago or more, no one has been able to explain to me why that happened. I have spent an hour and a half on the phone every month for the last five trying to resolve this. Each time I talk to someone they submit an application to resume monthly payments, and every time it is denied. No one has been able to tell me why it's getting denied either. I have never left a bill unpaid, never had an issue like this before. The last time I called when I asked what would happen if the application to resume monthly payments was denied again for no fault of my own what their advice was and they told me that I should start looking at different service providers and just take the hit on my credit. Completely unbelievable. As of today I'm with AT&T and I'm going to have an $800 debt added to my credit report for absolutely no fault of mine. This should be criminal.