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Filing a complaint about customer service... How to?

I have been treated absolutely sickeningly by 3 phone customer service representatives. The rudest of them all was a manager, Dan, who continually threatened to "end the call" on me and condescendingly kept saying "you signed up for Verizon and received a $500 phone for free so you just need to understand." I have never been so insulted in my life and when I hung up the phone from Dan's horrible treatment of me, I simply cried. I begged and pleaded for customer service and his problem solving, but he just wanted to tell me over and over again that my Galaxy S4 is somehow a $500 phone and because I got it for a discounted price when I signed up for Verizon, I needed to shut my mouth and be happy with it. Everyone else I spoke to repeated the same sentence over and over and over again until I was red in the face from rephrasing my question a million different ways. The live chat representatives have been busy for the past two hours.

My problem is that I would like to switch to Verizon Edge for my phone. I switched back to Verizon in November 2014 after two wonderful years with Sprint because Verizon has the BEST phone service in my local area (who were never anything but accommodating). I have insurance on both of my devices. The device I use for my personal self I need every day for my job. I cannot be without it. This phone, however, is already beginning to have issues charging off and on and the screen glitches occasionally. This isn't anything major enough for me to be able to file an insurance claim YET, but I am certain it will "die" soon and in that time, I would like to already have a new phone so my work life is not interrupted. Apparently, despite what all of the advertisements say and the website details, you cannot leave your More plan to switch to Edge until your contract is over. It's totally misleading.

I was simply calling to see what options were available to me. The two representatives I first spoke with could only say "you're eligible for an upgrade in 2016, you'd have to pay full retail price then." I kept saying I was willing to make a down payment on a new phone but I would like to figure out HOW to get me on the Verizon Edge plan. My account has always been in great standing and I have a fantastic credit score. The manager, Dan, was beyond rude. He informed me that since my account wasn't six months old, I wasn't yet a qualified enough customer to get special offers. He told me that I should just be satisfied with my Galaxy S4 because I "received a $450 phone for cheap months ago." He even suggested that tech support could also explain that to me. I then explained the real value of the phone (who has two newer models out!) and asked him to figure out helpful options for my problem. I said his customer service was disgusting and PLEADED with him to work with me. He did not do so and continued to insult me by telling me to just be satisfied with the phone I have. I said obviously the conversation was going nowhere and I was not being respected, so I would be hanging up now. "Dan" had nothing to say to me.

As much as I love having nice cell phone reception, this is enough for me to leave Verizon. I have no problem just paying the cancellation fees and returning to a carrier that respects me and works to help me with my problems. Does anyone know who to contact to file a complaint? Is there anyone higher up I could speak to who would treat me with dignity and respect?

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Re: Filing a complaint about customer service... How to?


Verizon Wireless has an Exec Relations team. You can also reach out to regional divisions of the company, but that won't help as much as routing through to Exec Relations in Bedminster.

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Re: Filing a complaint about customer service... How to?


Verizon Wireless has an Exec Relations team. You can also reach out to regional divisions of the company, but that won't help as much as routing through to Exec Relations in Bedminster.

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Re: Filing a complaint about customer service... How to?

Thank you so much! Do you have any links or contact info for getting in touch with the exec relations team?


Re: Filing a complaint about customer service... How to?


Usually, you won't get that information unless routing through the chain of command within the call center and demanding it. Reps, leads and supervisors usually try to exhaust all measures before escalating your matter to the Executive Relations Team.  You could ask for the contact number on call-in, but not sure if VZW discloses it freely. Its usually safeguarded for last resort. Otherwise, I'd just research online for Verizon Wireless in Bedminster, NJ. That's headquarters. Just be ready if you call to the general number. The operator may just route you to the call centers lol. Sounds bad, but happens.


Re: Filing a complaint about customer service... How to?


Ok. So I just need to understand this issue. In November 2014 you opened a new account with Verizon Wireless and you got a Samsung Galaxy S4? Why did you choose this particular device? Was it free? Then you took it on a 2 year contract? Even though Edge was fully available? I know I wasn't there but when you made the purchase the rep most likely explained the Edge option to you (I'd go so far as to say 99% sure of it).

Once you select your option you have 14 days to change your mind. You may have a small fee to do so but after that 14 days there is no other option until you fulfill the agreement that you signed. With that said, even if you had chosen Edge to start with, after 6 months you would not have fulfilled the agreement to be eligible to upgrade to a different device. The current Edge requirement is that you pay 75% of the full cost of the device. If you only had it for 6 months you would not be near the 75% which works out to 18 months. Edge would give you the option to exchange the device in good working order before the 18th payment but at 6 months you would have to make a one lump sum payment to complete the next 12. So if your payment is $25 monthly and you paid 6 and had to make 12 more you could go to the store give them 12x25=$300 and get a new device on an Edge agreement. You chose a 2 year contract and now are not eligible for Edge or anything else until 2 years from the date you signed the contract unless there is a special promotion available. And usually these promotions only let you Edge and get a particular device which is not usually the device you would want anyway.

Now to find the light at the end of the tunnel for you. If your device does not have any physical or liquid damage and is not functioning properly and you are within one year of purchase you should still be under warranty and should be able to get a replacement without having to pay the deductible. If it has any physical or liquid damage, no matter what the issue is, you will be required to pay the insurance deductible if you have the insurance feature. Sooooo my suggestion is that you take the option to make sure that you have a working device and you don't wait until the device totally stops functioning. Back up all your pertinent information now and get your replacement. If you wait until the phone no longer functions you may lose more data than you're willing to part with.

I, nor anyone else on this form, can explain this any better to you. I am sorry to hear that you had a rough time with customer service but they simply cannot do what you ask. I hope I that I have provided more than enough information to explain this to you and that you have a better understanding of the situation.


Re: Filing a complaint about customer service... How to?

When I made the decision to switch to Verizon and was signing up, I would

have had to start an Edge plan and add a line AFTER in order to have the

two lines I need. Since my fiance will only own Samsung Galaxy Notes, I was

not terribly concerned about how to obtain that or his need to swap phones;

he will continue babying and buying Notes as long as they make new

versions. No one, in fact, personally discussed Edge options in detail with

me. The way it was presented, it was a PLAN one could switch to at any

given point. You can change your plan all the time with Verizon. Si

look at the website's FAQs for Edge or listen to any of the ads for Edge

when on hold with Verizon's customer service lines, it is made to sound the

same way. That is how Sprint's similar plan (in which one pays a down

payment and then pays monthly payments on the full retail value of the

phone, without a 2 year contract) ACTUALLY works. They let me do that when

I was their customer and they first came up with that new plan. Con el

descriptions I was given previously and having checked information myself,

this is how Edge presents itself as well. I picked the S4 because it was

discounted. It wasn't free, unfortunately, but I did not expect a free

phone to begin with. Acquiring an S5 was still much pricier and I was not

aware that an S6 would be coming out soon. Unfortunately, three weeks

later, I went on the Verizon's website and they were having a FANTASTIC

deal on S5s. At this point, there was nothing I could do. My mother-in-law,

the next week, was able to just switch her phone to an Edge plan long

before her contract was up and it was explained to her as well that this

was what all Verizon customers had the option of doing. I figured, when the

time came, I could do likewise.

Side note: I also switched during the time of the "switch your line to

Verizon and get a $150 bill credit per line" promotion whose terms were for

both 2 year and Edge plans. Like so many others I have seen on this forum,

I have yet to have received the bill credit and it's been more than 3

billing cycles. I assume, however, that I will never see this bill credit.

I am scared to even mention it to customer service reps via phone, lest I

be harassed and treated as though I'm looking for a handout again.

My issue is not with the system. Obviously, Verizon and its representatives

need to be more clear about Edge. It's clear that I am not a privileged

enough customer to have what my mother in law has, so perhaps I should just

cancel out my own account, pay the termination fees, and get what we want

by adding lines onto my mother-in-law's plans. My issue is with how I was

treated, which is a signature trait of Verizon's call center customer

service: rudeness. I left Verizon nearly three years ago, leaving my own

family's plan, for Sprint for that very reason. I was willing to get worse

cell phone reception in order to receive better customer service. Tengo

found that tech support for Verizon is always courteous, but in customer

service situations, Verizon ignores the rule that the "customer is always

right" and fails to put the customer first.

My disgust came when I continued trying to reiterate my issue with my phone

and my frustration with Verizon Edge options, as I understood them, and

asked "Dan" to provide me with options or to help me figure out what I

could do. "Dan" had no desire to do this. He seemed to think my primary

concern was money, which I made clear it was not. I want a functional

phone. The "discounted cost" of a phone on a two year contract was not my

incentive; the two year contract was just easier to do when signing up.

This person continued to yell at me over and over about how the Samsung

Galaxy S4 is a "$450 phone and I got it for much cheaper than that!"

Yelling at customers about promotions that are pretty standard with all

cell phone companies is insulting and pointless. I asked him to discuss

WHAT my options really were and flat-out said, finally, that I was

disgusted by the refusal he was making to help the customer. No other

options were discussed with me. I explained to him that I did not wish to

wait for my phone to give out on me, that it was not an option, but he kept

telling me that having insurance would provide me with a new S4. I

explained that I was looking for better options and the possibility of

upgrading to a newer phone rather than ending up with a "new" S4 that's

likely simply a refurbished model. This man was a brick wall in coming up

with solutions.

I do not need people insulting me. I was not looking for a handout. I am

not looking for a new, better phone to be handed to me for free. I was

hoping that this company would respect me, a paying, responsible customer,

enough to work with me and help me figure out a more efficient plan to fix

my problem before it becomes a big problem. Every other company I am a

customer of does this. I have worked in customer service for most of my

life; if I treated customers the way Dan did and was so unhelpful, I would

have faced severe disciplinary consequences with my supervisors in all

customer service jobs I have held. From my internet and cable provider to

Sprint (when I was a customer) to my health insurance provider to my car

dealer, I expect (and from everyone BUT Verizon receive) help fixing my

problems. If what I am looking to do is not within parameters of company

policy, it is explained to me politely and the person I am speaking to

helps me find a way to solve my problem. No one has helped me solve my


The Edge plan made much more sense to me than going out and buying a new

phone for full retail price. However, it looks like that is what I will be

doing now. Unfortunately, I've become quite spoiled over the past six

months and I enjoy my cell phone reception enough to want to continue

Verizon. I think that's why many people settle for this company's atrocious

treatment of its customers. However, I will be buying my Verizon phones

from Amazon and paying the full no-contract price, since that reduces my

direct contact with Verizon, and doing my best to avoid any and all contact

with this company aside from paying my monthly bill. It's clear I'm too

much of an inconvenience to help.

I am so disgusted and discouraged. When I finally move to a different

location, I will be switching providers for good. At the very least, I

deserve an apology. I do not deserve further condescension etc. I am not

looking for a handout. I am looking for the best solution possible. It is

clear that the only real solution is for me to never contact Verizon for

help and just buy full-retail cost phones on Amazon if I feel the need to

change. I'd hate to see what else could happen if, God forbid, I ever tried

to alter my plan in any way!

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Re: Filing a complaint about customer service... How to?


It's not common to receive a new phone when using the phone protection

plan. If swapped out under warranty, getting a new phone depends if the

store is out of refurbished phones.

As for Edge, hope the info below helps. Found it on VZW's website:

To be eligible for Verizon Edge, your device must be eligible for an

upgrade and:

Existing customers of 7+ months must good payment history with us during

the prior six months.

New and existing customers of 6 months or less must pass a credit check.

You must have a postpaid service agreement with Verizon Wireless?

The catch to all this is you must be eligible for an upgrade. The only

options available with VZW when not eligible for upgrades are 1) Replacing

under the Phone Protection Plan and 2) Buy new at full price. Eso es todo.

They won't take back a used phone that's still mostly unpaid for. Honestly,

the reason 2yr contracts are pushed is b/c the company doesn't even start

to see a profit on the phone service until after that first year of a new

phone purchase. The retail price of phones are actually much less than what

companies have to pay manufacturers for them to sell.

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Re: Filing a complaint about customer service... How to?


Haha nice!!!