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Feeling poorly treated! Please help!


Long story short-

May 2018 upgraded and activated  a phone on my account ( my son) and entered a payment agreement Droid max2 to Galaxy S9+

  • September 19 2018 said phone (Gs9+) was forgotten and subsequently stolen.
  • September 22 filed claim with assurion
  • September 22 claim denied due to "phone number associated with the device does not match claimed device" in other words assurion still sees the Droid Maxx 2 and not the GS9+
  • Went to "my Verizon" and noticed the picture associated with the number still is shown as the Droid Maxx 2 yet the user agreement and all documentation attached all specify GS9+
  • All the purchase history and activation dates all confirm and state GS9+
  • September 22 contacted Verizon CS and spent a total of 3.5 hours on the phone with them, mostly I was on hold while they tirelessly tried to convince and confirm to assurion  that the phone lost/stolen was in fact a GS9 and not the Droid 2. Both the reps I dealt with at Verizon were professional and both confirmed there had been some sort of glitch or error on Verizon's part,

   After all of that time spent on the phone Saturday I was left with nothing, no answers and left with the impression that this was between me and assurion , . I have an agreement and contract for an GS9 (with a 700.00) balance left to pay, we have all the proof and documents stating all of this took place. the phone was activated  and placed in service without any issues. The Customer service reps agreed with all of this and all I got after all of that was " Let me speak with my supervisor and I will call you back" 
Who can I go to with this? Without having to go through the same long process? I'm at the end of my rope and trying to keep my cool, and it should not be this difficult over a simple technicality.
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Re: Feeling poorly treated! Please help!

Sr. Member

Try not to feel as if you've been poorly treated, it's not personal, just business

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Re: Feeling poorly treated! Please help!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello FIREDUDE.MK, getting your Samsung Galaxy S9+ replaced is important, especially since you need it to accomplish personal and business responsibilities. Verizon Wireless values your time and wants to resolve your dilemma in a timely fashion. Have you contacted Asurion directly? Has the Verizon Wireless representative reached out to you? If yes, what has been discussed?

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