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Existing month to month customers vs new customers


Why does the $20 per smartphone disappear when I try to change to The Verizon Plan from the Share Everything Unlimited talk and text + data?  As soon as I select "I'm already with Verizon" vs "I'm new to Verizon" We have 4 lines, updated phones we paid cash for, no contract. Why are devoted customers treated differently when your long term customers are the heart of your business?

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Re: Existing month to month customers vs new customers

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Because there is a discount given for having a phone on a payment plan. When YOU upgrade, you will qualify for that promotion, too, as long as you are on a phone payment plan. It isn't just for new customers, but it is a PROMOTION and  you have to qualify for it. A new customer who buys a phone outright (full price) wouldn't get that discount either.