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Escalation to Exec


I signed up for Verizon back in January of this year over the phone. The promo was clear that I would receive $150 per line that I switched over from another company (4). This was stated multiple times over my sign up and was the only reason that I switched over to Verizon. The gentleman said that the credits would be applied to my account within 2-3 billing cycles. Fast forward to June where I still haven't seen credits applied to my account. I called and spoke to a representative that said they would file a form and that I should know within the next 24-48 hours. Two days pass and I call again to a representative stating that it take 7-14 days and that I should call back after that. I called after 14 days and was told that it should have been 7-14 business days and that the credits will be applied before this bill is due. I check back today (past the 14 business days), past my bill due date, and still nothing has been credited to my account. I called again today and was told that the representative sold me on a false promotion and that the credits were only for the Edge (which was not mentioned at the initial call and I was told multiple times that I would get those credits). The representative today also mentioned that each person that I talked to and that viewed my form for the credits should have told me that it was only for Edge customers and stated "it is plain as day". So not only did I receive false information the 1st time, but multiple times after that.

I was told that they couldn't do anything about the credits and all that they could do is just inform the representatives to state the proper deals. This not only leaves me the $1000+ I spend on phones but also the 2 bills that these credits should have been used for. If it wasn't for the promotion I would not have switched and saved myself all of that money. All that I wanted was the credits I was promised, but instead I have to come up with the $600 plus the late fees because I was mislead multiple times by multiple representatives.

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Re: Escalation to Exec

Asistencia al cliente

I truly apologize for any misunderstand that has happened here. I would be happy to look into this for you. I am going to send you a message here in our forums. If you can reply to that we can get started.


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