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Escalation Department - Billing/Customer Service Issue


Back in February 2019, I purchased a new iPhone XS. Prior to my purchase, I reached out to a representative via chat to clarify some questions, ask about a promotion that came up while viewing phones, etc. I had a lengthy chat session with the representative and was informed that the promo in question was actually for a new line. The representative did, however, offer me $100 credit as well as no upgrade fee. I was elated! I provided the representative with my order/confirmation number at which time they informed me to save the chat session as reference and I would see the credit within a few billing cycles. 

Fast forward to yesterday, 4/16/19. I contacted customer service to make sure that the credit would be posted. I spoke to a rep who was somewhat rude and condescending - not that big a deal. What happened next is mind-blowing to me! I was told that the $100 promo in question actually expired the day before I purchased my new phone and that the representative should had not offered that. I was also told that the promo, even if not expired involved either $100 credit or you can trade in your device - in this case, I did trade in my device and I received $190 credit. Basically, because I did trade in my device and received more than $100, I wouldn't have even been eligible for the "deal" in the first place. NEVER ONCE WAS THIS MENTIONED THROUGHOUT MY CHAT SESSION.

My call was then transferred to a supervisor who I believe went by "Leon" - not 100% sure. He was borderline insulting toward me and offered absolutely no solution or resolution to my issue. I have the detailed conversation between an online rep and myself and I was told that my situation can be used as a "training scenario" and that even though the rep mis-informed me, it was too bad. 

I would like to speak with someone who will take me seriously, not insult me and not act like I am wrong. Is there a corporate representative that I can get in touch with or do I have to submit a code of conduct violation via ??  All I want is my $100 credit which I was promised regardless of whether I traded in my old phone, the promo expired, etc. It is horrific customer service and after over 20 years as a customer, I am ready to walk away. 

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Re: Escalation Department - Billing/Customer Service Issue

Community Manager
Community Manager

vitarocco, getting a new device should be fun and exciting. I'm saddened to hear about the experience you had yesterday. I would like to assist you further with your concern and the credit we said you'd get. Please send us a Private Message for additional assistance. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for selecting Verizon as your carrier.



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Re: Escalation Department - Billing/Customer Service Issue

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I can tell you the sky is purple, but that doesn't make it so. You got nearly $200, but you want to escalate over $100 you aren't entitled to.

Phone rep and their supervisor can't do anything about it. You were given correct information and refuse to acknowledge it. What company is going to give away $100 over he said she said?

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