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Erroneous Charges and Credits not being applied. NO Access to current charges!


I have had an on-going, yet snow balling issues with charges from Post Pay since March of 2016.  I am highly fed up.  I call every month and promises are made yet nothing comes of it.

I cannot get any answers with Verizon in a timely manner.  I have been charged with felonious services that I did not authorize since March 2016. These monthly charges have been added to my account every month since March 2016 to current date.  I have been proactive about these charges, every month I receive the new charges I either call in or get on online chat, sometimes both. It's time someone fixed this!!!!!!!!  You can't charge me for something that I did not agree to nor did I use.

Today I get a bill, thru email, stating I owe…. which I don't, in fact,  I should have a credit balance.  I try getting on chat, oh, but guess what, all reps are busy!!!  I try for hours.  I call Verizon and it says that my number is not valid.  I call again and get someone who transfers me to Post Pay dept….  I wait on hold for a half an hour.  When they finally answer, they hang up. Verizon makes it difficult to get ahold of anyone to resolve issues.  I cannot see the current bill on the online account.  I can see previous bills.  I would like to know who I can complain to……  I am VERY tired of having to call in or chat online once a month   This is very frustrating and consumes a lot of my time.   It seems that no one at Verizon is bright enough to actually put this to rest.  The initial issue just keeps snow-balling with more issues. I want to talk with someone who will listen and will get something done.   I also have tried finding an Arbitration form etc, on Verizon's website.  However,  Verizon does not make it easy to navigate.  I am very tired of trying to rectify these issues.  I want answers and I want to be heard by someone who will no kidding GET SOMETHING DONE!!!!!!!   No one should have to go through this much pain, just to rectify someone else's  mistakes.

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Re: Erroneous Charges and Credits not being applied. NO Access to current charges!

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So....what are the charges??

I'm sorry but you have a long paragraph of information without the actual information we need to help resolve your issue.

Re: Erroneous Charges and Credits not being applied. NO Access to current charges!

Community Manager
Community Manager

JVANDEBRAKE, we are ready to bring closure to your concern. We understand this has gone on too long. Please reply to the Private Message that I sent you. There we can further look into this.

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