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Edge equipment charges for phones not recieved


Back in April I upgraded all my families Iphones at the local Best Buy.  I was sold on the Edge program so I upgraded to three iPhone 6 phones and one 6 Plus.  I agreed to send back one 5s , one 5c and a 4s.  Fast forward several weeks and the harassment begins with texts stating that Verizon never received my phones.  I proved that the phones were received by providing tracking numbers.  I was assured by Verizon that this would be remedied.  Then I was billed $960 in equipment charges.  I have been on the phone countless times with Verizon trying to get this resolved and each time I speak with someone I get a different answer from it will be taken care of to you owe us this money.  Now Im told that it will eventually be fixed and is going through the process but the charges remain and I am accumulating late charges which they seem to ignore and expect me to pay.  I am at wits end with Verizon.  I have spent countless hours on the phone and have already paid them too much in fees due to the fiasco.  I need help, I refuse to pay them anymore and thinking about taking further measures that could be come more costly for me.  I need some help out there dealing with this machine.  I have been a loyal customer since 2009 and paid my bills every month.

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Re: Edge equipment charges for phones not recieved

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Below is the relevant information from your agreement you need to know and the form you need.   Basically, put everything in writing and submit it as a formal notice of dispute.  Also note they expect you to pay bill in full until dispute is settled, unlike credit cards.  Reporting to the BBB also seems to help speed things along.

¿Cómo y cuándo puedo impugnar cargos?

Si eres cliente del Servicio Pospago, puedes impugnar tu factura dentro de los 180 días siguientes a la fecha que la recibiste, pero a menos que lo establezca la ley de otro modo o salvo que impugnes cargos por la pérdida o robo de tu dispositivo móvil, tienes que pagar todos los cargos hasta que se resuelva la impugnación. Si eres cliente del Servicio Prepaid, puedes impugnar un cargo dentro de los 180 días de la fecha en que haya incurrido el cargo impugnado. YOU MAY CALL US TO DISPUTE CHARGES ON YOUR BILL OR ANY SERVICE(S) FOR WHICH YOU WERE BILLED, BUT IF YOU WISH TO PRESERVE YOUR RIGHT TO BRING AN ARBITRATION OR SMALL CLAIMS CASE REGARDING SUCH DISPUTE, YOU MUST WRITE TO US AT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE ADDRESS ON YOUR BILL, OR SEND US A COMPLETED NOTICE OF DISPUTE FORM (AVAILABLE AT VERIZONWIRELESS.COM), WITHIN THE 180–DAY PERIOD MENTIONED ABOVE. IF YOU DO NOT NOTIFY US IN WRITING OF SUCH DISPUTE WITHIN THE 180–DAY PERIOD, YOU WILL HAVE WAIVED YOUR RIGHT TO DISPUTE THE BILL OR SUCH SERVICE(S) AND TO BRING AN ARBITRATION OR SMALL CLAIMS CASE REGARDING ANY SUCH DISPUTE.

Re: Edge equipment charges for phones not recieved

Community Manager
Community Manager

Nimrod65, I am sad to learn of this experience you had. We appreciate your many years of loyalty. We always want to ensure that everything is correct on the account and make the appropriate corrections if the issue was a mistake on our part. We would be more than happy to take ownership. I will be sending you a Private Messages so we can get additional details. Please respond back to my Private Message so we can investigate.
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