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Edge Up issues....Again


On Wednesday of last week I tried to Edge Up via the website. After being unsuccessful, I decided to try my luck over the phone. After being shuffled on the phone by 6 different reps, I finally ended up with the person who would "help me"(I wish I knew his name). The rep handled getting my phone upgraded, without asking for color of the phone(a insignificant deal but, I am not a Gold person). I asked for an upgrade on shipping because I needed my phone for work and didn't want to use my big camera. He said he would handle that, I told him the address I would need it shipped to, he confirmed. After I hung up I received the email, Gold phone, regular shipping, and wrong address (doesn't even exist). I tried to cancel on Thursday, I was told to wait 24 hours, it was being processed. On Friday I decided to try my luck at my local store. The employee in my local store named Roxie, she has been amazing. She spoke with customer support and said they could get it taken care of. Needless to say it was still "In Processing". The customer rep on the phone disconnected with Roxie. She said to wait until I received an email about my order and to call her back. That afternoon I received the status update and called Roxie to let her know. After work I went by the store and she called and spoke to 3 people before she could find someone that even knew how to cancel an order. The rep on the line said to Roxie and myself that the order was cancelled and that is would take 24 hours before I could upgrade my line. Saturday, I get a call from Roxie, she says that the order is cancelled and that she was informed this morning (Saturday) that it would take 48 hours. I said that is fine, I will just wait till Monday to upgrade now. Almost an hour ago, I received a call from Roxie, the rep on the phone Friday DID NOT cancel my order and it was suppose to arrive at the wrong location on tomorrow (address doesn't exist) and that it would take several days to return the phone and then be able to upgrade. So, I am looking at close to a week to try to do a simple upgrade (Edge Up). Between being sent to over 10 people on the phone, a rep that flat out refused and lied (in my eyes) to do what I asked. I am so disappointed with Verizon and the reps I have dealt with on the phone. If it wasn't for Roxie in the store, I would be swapping all of my services right now.

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Re: Edge Up issues....Again

Asistencia al cliente
I'm sorry to learn about this experience, neffuw. We want the Edge Up process to be simple and I apologize for the lack of attention to details when you worked with the representative over the phone. At this time, it appears that the order has yet to be submitted due to the incorrect order on the account. I have sent you a direct message so I can review this further with you.

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