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Edge Buyout Charge for same day cancellations?



I'm wondering if anyone else has dealt with this situation and how it was handled...

Last March, I opted to switch to the Verizon Edge program, but I ended up cancelling that order with a rep over the phone about two hours after I had placed it. I proceeded to end my current agreement with Verizon and paid the ETF's on all 4 lines in accordance with the plan I was originally on.

Verizon has since billed me for Verizon Edge Buyouts for two of four lines that were cancelled. The bill states, "Verizon Edge Buyout Charge" for two lines.

I've sent written requests on the details of these charges but only get basic correspondence back stating these charges are valid, but no further detail into the charges or what phone numbers the charges stem from.

I don't believe I am responsible for edge charges since the order was never fully processed.


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