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This message is for Verizon support. I have run afoul of a problem you guys have been having going back many years I see from reviewing reports here. It seems for whatever random reason some accounts get flagged as not eligible for eBill support and then you guys claim it is not your fault and to contact the bank and/or your support staff confuses or does not understand the difference between 'eBills' and "AutoPay" at a bank's website.

Just search "ebill" in this forum and you'll find at least 3 others with the exact same problem I have which follows this general pattern:

1) At one point in the past we set up eBill payment at our bank's website for Verizon Wireless and it all work perfectly. Please understand this is what eBill's is: the Bank's bill center area communicates DIRECTLY with Verizon's backend to get bills DIRECTLY into the billing account for the customer so that the bills can be paid DIRECTLY to Verizon. The customer can download the statement directly from the bank's website via a portal/keyhole into the Verizon backend. The customer can set all kinds of custom payment options (i.e. pay full amount, payment time frame tect). Without eBills the only option is to INDIRECTLY pay the bill, that is, just guess at the amount each month and then when the amount is sent it is sent a a check in the mail rather than as an ACH transfer (when done with eBills), so it can take a week or more or never for Verizon to get the payment.

2)In my case I changed banks so I turned off eBills and removed Verizon from the old bank but when I went to the new bank I get this bogus message "

We're sorry, we're unable to add the following e-bill Verizon Wireless  *0001

Verizon Wireless is unable to process your request for eBill enrollment, as your subscriber account is not eligible to participate. Please contact Verizon Wireless for details (M)."

This means nothing, what does "not eligible" mean?? Of course I'm eligible, I just had it on like a minute before. I see other people have had it working and then Verizon made an account change and then ebills suddenly stop coming and they get the same message when trying to turn back on. Clearly the problem is on Verizon's side but for whatever reason it runs so deep your first line support people are not equipped with the knowledge or clearance level to figure out the problem

3) So at this point I've waited a couple of months hoping it would magically resolve itself but it has not. It is not a bank issue because both banks in my case use the exact same bill pay backend system - and I can not add Verizon back as an ebill vendor on my old bank either (where it worked fine for years). 

Please do not respond to this message with generic suggestions about how to turn on paperless billing or autopay at the Verizon website or how this is not a Verizon problem because you don't controll eBills on a bank's website. The problem is not related to Verizon's inability to control eBill's on a bank's website but rather Verizon's NOT RESPONDING to the request to start an eBill when the request is presented to Verizon OR Verizon is getting the request just fine but then Verizon backend is erroenously giving that error message for whatever reason. Solution: figure out _WHY_ it is giving that erroneous message when a request is made and FIX IT. (Hint: it is not any of the "common reasons" e.g. 

Common reasons for this problem include:

  • Billing and service address inconsistencies. You should always use your service address, not your billing address, when enrolling for e‑bill.
  • Wrong account number. Make sure you use the correct account number when enrolling for e‑bill.
  • Primary and secondary account holders. Make sure you are using the primary account holder's information (such as name, Social Security number, or tax ID).
  • E‑bill enrollment at your biller's website. In some cases, billers don't allow you to register for e‑bill at Synovus Online Bill Pay if you're already enrolled at the company's website.
  • Enrolling a business. Make sure you're enrolling the business, not an individual.

I suspect this will require you bring in your internal IT staff or web database support team to figure this out, this is not something first line support people can do anything about (I know, I've already gone through that, both via chat and on the phone with Verizon and both of my banks).

This is a Verizon issue. Verizon must fix it. Please do not defer and make excuses, just get a high level IT staff person on this problem and let them dig into it so they can debug it in real time so it can be fixed. I work in IT myself and more than happy to work with them to resolve it (i.e by initiating an ebill request so they can see the response the Verizon system is producing in real time). And even if the problem is not direcly Verizon, i.e. it is a problem in the bill pay backend (notice I didn't say bank, I said bill pay vendor, banks do not handle this stuff, they farm it out to a third party that does all of the bill pay stuff for them, that's why multiple banks can all have the same UI for their bill pay - then if that is the case it is still incumbent upon Verizon to fix this with that bill pay backend company as we are Verizon's customers and we are not in a position to resolve an issue with a third party vendor for whom we have no direct business relationship. Verizon has a relationship with the bill pay vendor as you must have a contract with them so they can enable ebills between your platforms. Verizon needs to figure out why the bill pay vendor is munging up this vital feature (ebills) for so many of their customers whether because the bill pay vendor is not handling Verizon info correctly or Verizon is not processing the requests correctly. It is someone's fault (Verizon or bill pay vendor) and it is up to the two of you parties to figure it out - we, the customers- can not resolve low level IT technical issues for you. Muchas gracias.

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