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Early Termination due to no Service


Had a very infuriating phone call with Verizon today. A month ago I contacted customer support about canceling our service because we only have one bar where we live if that. She said that she was sorry to hear that  and they didn't want us to pay for something we couldn't use.They said that they would have to run a test to confirm and if found I had no service I could cancel and have my ETF waived. I was then connected with technical support. They told me the exact same thing but could not run the test as we did not have an active line, due to a past due amount we were behind on. I was then transferred again to financial services, set up a payment arrangement and transferred again to customer service to finish up. She told me the same thing, my ETF would be waived after a line was activated and the test was complete.

Today I paid everything up and lines were activated. I called Verizon and explained everything to LAUREN! She put me on hold for 10 minutes. She came back on the line saying she was checking some things and put me back on hold for another 10 minutes. Finally she came back on the line and said that because we do not live in an area they cover they cannot waive my ETF. I asked her how that was possible since I can drive 5 miles down the road and receive service. She said I am using another providers towers and that Verizon's nearest tower was 80 miles from me. Again I asked how that was possible since 10 miles down the road from me is a Verizon store where we bought our service. How they could sell service in an area that they do not cover and then charge me for service that does not work? Of course she didn't have a response. They are supposed to have America's Largest coverage area???

They want to charge us $250 per line (we have 2) and we have 10 months left. I looked through the customer agreement and the papers I received when we signed up it says:


Los términos y condiciones de su servicio forman parte de este acuerdo Your Plan includes your monthly allowances and features, where you can use them (your "Coverage Area"), and their monthly and pay–per–use charges. También puede suscribirse a diversos servicios opcionales, como los paquetes de datos adicionales. Su servicio lo constituyen conjuntamente su plan y cualesquier servicios opcionales que elija. The terms and conditions for your Service can be found in the brochures that are available when you activate, or online at

We have no Coverage area apparently so why are we paying for a service we cannot use???? Apparently I now live in a dead zone so I cannot go to a different carrier.

What can I do? Anything?? If I do cancel and have to pay the ETF there is no way we can pay that in one lump sum, I would have to send in payments. Are they going to send us to collections right away???

Please leave your negative comments to yourself. I am looking for advice not backlash.Thank you!

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Re: Early Termination due to no Service

Líder Sénior

Getting an ETF waived is no easy feat. It would have been helpful if you were not in default at the time you were trying to get the charge waived. The ones that have gotten it waived had a long series of steps before it was approved. It cannot be approved by regular customer service staff and requires getting several levels up in the support chain with an ongoing case.

As far as your quote from the agreement, that doesn't help you. Your coverage area is the areas you can get a signal in the domestic Verizon area. It would not include international travel, which is more what it is referring to.