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Early Edge Surrender Older Phone


My line qualifies for Early Edge and I would like to use it to upgrade to Galaxy S6. I currently have the S5 using my daughter's upgrade 5 months ago and she ended up getting my older phone. Since I'm required to surrender my phone once I upgrade through Early Edge, can I swap my S5 to my daughter's line and use the phone she currently has to return when I get Early Edge?  The S5 I have is actually bound to her contract anyway.

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Re: Early Edge Surrender Older Phone

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My understanding is they are expecting the S5 to be traded in, that is why you are eligible.   Being bound by contract is what early edge is for, to let you upgrade early in return for the less than 2 year old phone you must send back and Verizon can resell.  They are not going to want any old phone.  

Re: Early Edge Surrender Older Phone

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Weth is right...If that's how it worked I would have bought some junk phone from eBay for a couple of bucks and unloaded my iP5S for a lot more and pocketed the cash...

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Re: Early Edge Surrender Older Phone


Please note that you have to trade in a working phone.

I missed the fine print in the contract and did not realize that I had to turn a phone in.

I was going from a Galaxy S3 to an LG G3 with only 2 months left on my contract.

Because the phone was broken, they wanted to charge $299.  I would have been willing to pay the remaining two months cost of the phone (~$50) , but was told the charge was for the privilege of upgrading to edge.

That's bs, because my phone was almost paid off, and the new phone is not at a discounted price. Plus I'm paying for 3 other lines.

Ended up canceling the edge upgrade, returning the phone (was told with no restocking fee), and re-activating an older phone.