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I need help understanding how this works.

My understanding was Verizon was no longer doing early termination fees.  Basically, if you got a new phone from them on a device payment plan you were required to continue paying on that plan until the phone was paid off.

If you decided to leave Verizon you will be required to pay off the phone if full.

Am I right?

My situation is this, I became a Verizon user about 5 months ago.  I got a phone from them(Verizon)  on a device payment plan.  My wife has her phone through a different carrier.  We were contemplating getting a family share plan and getting on the same plan with each other with her plan with her carrier.  So, I paid off my phone in full that was on the DPP, knowing this would be required to leave anyways.  However, when I try and read the fine print on my agreement they are talking about a ETF(early termination fee) if you don't stay for the term of the contract.  I really don't know what the term of the contract would be but I am assuming it would be 2 years.  Because it always seems to be 2 years.

Does Verizon still do the ETF?  Or would I just be required to pay off my phone.  (which I already did)

Any help understanding this would be helpful.

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Re: ETF or DPP.

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It saddens me to hear that you mention leaving. We never want any of our family members to go. Generally speaking, unless you already had a contract agreement or accepted a promotion, you'll most likely have a device payment agreement or a contract agreement. I've sent you a personal message.

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Re: ETF or DPP.

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Verizon STILL has service contracts for some devices. In most cases, phones are not included in this option, but since service contracts are available for SOME devices the ETF language is still in the customer agreement.

If you were purchasing a phone on DPP, you should not have been on a service agreement. You can confirm this by logging in to your online MyVerizon account. If you are under a service contract which has a possible ETF, the end date of your service contract will be available in your MyVerizon account.