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Does anyone else feel like they were bamboozled when they made the "Switch?"


Problem 1: Received none of the $200 gift cards; we were expecting 3 for a total of $600!

We made the switch during the Black Friday special. We went into a Verizon store (not a corporate store) to purchase a used Sprint phone to replace a cracked one. Based on the deals that were being offered, we made the switch. The offer was different than the usual switch program. They did not offer to pay off our switching fees, but rather buy our phones, and give us a $200 gift card for each phone (3 of them). This option seemed to be a better deal than the 'pay your switch fee offer' because we were going to receive more money. But the pending phone credit and gift cards were not to be fully provided - Bamboozled! We did receive credits for the phones but received none of the gift cards. When I followed up, I was told we did not complete the process for the cards, but I knew I had. I supplied the dates, and the information I received which confirmed the request had been completed in the required time frame. They acknowledged the request was completed in the correct time frame but, since I did not receive an email confirmation code, they could not help me. I spent an hour on the phone with the representative, he made some changes in his computer regarding the submitted request and stated, he had successfully resubmitted the request for 2 of the phones but I would need to call back and speak to his supervisor the next day. I thought, great...that was an hour well spent, I was going to get 2 of the $200 gift cards, and a follow up call would get me the 3rd. I called, asked to speak to the supervisor; the request was not well received. The supervisor was not happy about my request, and it was reflected in how he spoke to me, very flippant! It was clear from the onset; he was not interested in resolving my problem. He notified me there was no record of the 3rd phone being submitted, and 1 of the 2 initially submitted was cracked.

Their system did not generate an email for the first 2 phone submitted for the $200 gift card, both were in good condition and a reasonable credit was provided. I didn’t know I was supposed to receive an email with a confirmation number. I did everything correctly. I asked him, where I failed to properly complete the process, he couldn’t answer so he resubmitted the 2 phones for the gift cards. The 3rd phone was submitted separately because it was broken, and I didn’t believe a credit would be provided. But, after reading the details of the promotion, there was no requirement for the phone to be in good condition so I sent it in. Unbeknownst to me, the initial person I spoke with for over an hour (by the way, he kept telling me there wasn’t anything he could do, the promotion was no longer valid) overrode the system and entered the broken phone as one of the first 2 phones submitted. So, the resubmittal was a failure, too. We received $0 of the $600 of gift card money we were supposed to get.

Problem 2: No trade in credit for a phone that arrived cracked, even though it was not damaged when I packed it up.

Purchased 4 used Samsung phones for $129 each, which we mailed in for $572 trade in credit to reduce the monthly payment on the Samsung 7’s we purchased (4). Unfortunately, one was not fully credited because it supposedly arrived broken. Again, I spent time following up with customer service. I knew the phone was not cracked when I shipped it off so I requested proof; I received photos of the cracked phone, and a box which showed no damage. Okay, seems reasonable, right? Wrong, the box did not show the shipping label with my information to prove that was the correct box. I called customer service, they reviewed the information and agreed there was no proof that was my box and said I would receive the requested credit for the 4th phone. That was several months ago, and no credit has been given!

I know some time has passed since I made the switch but I have a medical condition that causes fatigue, and I just didn't have the energy to fight the battle! Did anyone else experience problems with receiving the gift cards or credit for trade-in phones?

I feel like I was Bamboozled and Verizon wins because most people don’t have the time to fight these types of battles!

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