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Different Story every time I go to Verizon


How come I can go to the same Verizon store two days in a row but can't get the same deal two days in a row? This happens every time I need to make a change to my account or device. I just want the same deal today that I was offered yesterday, but it's not possible. Today I have to accept a device that I specifically said I did NOT want yesterday in order to get close to the deal I was offered yesterday. And I definitely can NOT get the same phone price I saw online this morning when I logged onto my acct when I go into the store.  Oh but wait, I can get back in my car and drive to a different location to meet with the person I met with yesterday, only even he won't be able to give me the same deal as we talked about yesterday.  REALLY????????? So much for customer service.

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Re: Different Story every time I go to Verizon

VZ Employee Emeritus

I don’t blame you for feeling disappointed my mixed
messages, MARELD71. Tell us about the offer you were presented. What happens
when you go through the check out procedures online?

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Re: Different Story every time I go to Verizon

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Your first mistake was going to a store. They couldn't care less about customer service - they focus on comission. Any time a store rep says you *need* specific equipment you don't need to qualify for a deal (usually a tablet or a hum), they are lying.

No Verizon deal requires a new line of service for a deal unless it's a BOGO or a heavily discounted phone.

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