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Did anyone actually get the $15 off for upgrading to unlimited??


Earlier this year, VZ advertised that if you upgraded to the Unlimited Plan and traded in your phone, you'd get a $15/month payment for your Galaxy S8.  (It may have been offered for other phones, but the S8 is what I opted for)  I have YET to see this discount.  I have spoken to and chatted with Verizon support numerous times and they've always acknowledged the legitimacy of the "deal" and promised that it will reflect in an upcoming bill, including a credit for the months that I was charged the full $30/month for my device payment.  It's been SIX MONTHS.  Has anyone else actually gotten their discounted payment for their new phone?  I'm n the verge of filing a report with the BBB and whoever else I can.

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Re: Did anyone actually get the $15 off for upgrading to unlimited??

Verizon Employee

Getting the promotion that you are expecting is important, JILKYL82.  I want to make sure that this is looked into.  I have sent you a private message to better assist with your account concern.


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