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Did Your Bill Go Sky High from July to August Billing Period?


My Mother's bill escalated from 500MB average usage to 2.5GB during the July to August billing period.

In doing extensive research, my Mom should be able to access about 3,000 internet pages for 1GB, which is her current plan.

Here is what she does on a monthly basis:

1)  Check Balance Bill online with credit union.

2)  Texts me, her daughter about her appointments, her little trips to WalMart, the great finds she came across at the .99 store, and the ice cream sundae she got on sale.  About 100 texts a month.  No photos/images.

3)  Checks Bank Balance again.

4)  Checks Bank Balance again.

5)  Accesses web page of one tv station.

6)  Looks at weather app.

7)  Checks Bank Balance again.

She has no other apps open or doing anything.  She has the weather widget on her home page.

At most, she accesses 200 web pages a month, and that is still a very high estimate.  She is 78, she doesn't fool too much with her phone.  She sleeps a lot and when she feels good and has energy, she goes to WalMart.

Her bill went from 500MB to 2.5GB. 

During the same billing period, my husband notified me that his phone usage had escalated, and he is never, I mean, never on it for internet items.  He is very busy at work, and at home, we use the computer.  He only uses it for Fooducate at the grocery store, at that is only if looking at an item we haven't purchased before.

In looking at his settings, it seems one of his settings went to a "new default" to  update all apps continually.  We suspect that could have been the issue with him, but he only has a couple of apps on his phone.  Less than 5 for sure.  

I'm at the breaking point in fighting with Verizon over the data usage, that I'm going to be drafting up a letter for the Attorney General of Arizona to look into this. 

Just curious if anyone else saw a high bill and overage charges during this time. 

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