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How do you talk to live person? Cant find a phone number...not paying these ridiculous data overage charges...we have not used the data they say...something is wrong...tired of runaround...been a customer for many years

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Re: Customer Service
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You can dial *611 from your cell for help or send a message to Verizon Wireless Customer Support

You should understand that the carriers stand will be that you probably did use the data.

IN cases of a minor overage of 1-2 GBS is may be a lack of understanding data use.

IN some cases it is a defective phone or application.  If an app is running amok or the phone defective the overage can be very high..  If this is the case, factory reset or replacing the phone may be required and deleting any malfunctioning apps is a must.

IF you can look in settings, data usage, to see which apps are using excess data, it may help solve your problem without help.

IF you have a Windows or Android, running in safe mode can identify if it's the phone or an app. 

Re: Customer Service
Asistencia al cliente


I am truly sorry to hear of any issues you are having with reach us via the phone and any confusion around your data usage. We always want to make sure we fully address your concern. We appreciate your loyalty and want to put an end to any runaround you are experiencing. We understand the importance of receiving the best value and avoiding overages. So we can look at the your charges and plan, to make sure you are on the best fit plan, I have sent you a Private Message. Please respond back to my Private Message so we can review.

Also, if you would like to speak with us over the phone you can reach us by dialing *611 from your VZW cellular device, as mentioned by mama23dogs. We can also be reached by dialing 800-922-0204.

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