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Customer Service: Upgraded to s8, said ok my s7 screen cracked. Its not ok now!


Ive had nothing but good experiences with Verizon for 20 years. Until now and I'm pretty put off by them at this point.

Have a Galaxy s7 a little more than half way through my 2 year lease. Payoff is $224. Called verizon and the customer service person said I could upgrade even though I have a crack (from right edge to home button...functions fine) in the screen. I asked at least 3 or 4 times if it was ok...are you sure it's ok. Even indicated I don't want to get the S8, send back the S7 and find out I have to pay the balance anyway because it's cracked.

She assured me repeatedly its fine. They do it all the time.

Guess what...its not fine. I called today after setting up my S8 last night about the fact that the receipt it came with did not indicate I already paid the tax and for the accessory package. When I explained about the crack in the S7 I was told they will not accept it back and I have to pay the $224 or return the S8 if I want to just keep the S7.

Ive spent $152 on tax and accessories (which I'll get back, god knows when),

I've spent 4 hours setting up the S8.

If I want to send back the S8, its more time undoing the phone, and sending it back, and redoing my old phone.

My time is money.

Talked to supervisor. The answer was the same, plus I was told, Hey, the s8 is a world class should just keep it and pay the $224 for the other phone and use it as a backup.

Whether I have the money or not isnt the point. The point is, this was a ton of time, paid taxes, accessories and it's a huge headache.

The customer service rep really messed up and if shes told others to upgrade and just send back the broken phone, there's a lot of money going to verizon that people wouldn't have otherwise spent, or could spend.

They really need to step up here. Reduce the price of the S7 at a minimum!!!!!!!

Not happy. Hey Verizon, your reps represent you (hence, the title, representative). When they mess up, YOU have messed up. When you mess up and cost people time and money, you need to STEP UP [Removed] and move on! But make your customer do it!

As Ive said before, ive had them for 20 years, with little to no problems, but this put a really bad taste in my mouth about the direction they are going in with leased phones and customer service, support, and retention.

Has anyone else run into this problem?


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Re: Customer Service: Upgraded to s8, said ok my s7 screen cracked. Its not ok now!

Community Manager
Community Manager

We do appreciate your loyalty, and we always want to make sure that we set the right expectations when upgrading Markdoug61. We understand how long it takes for setting up a phone. I would like to review your account. We have sent you a Private Message so I can further assist.



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