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Customer Incentive Credit?


I saw a credit on my bill for $100 last month. On the bill, it says "Cust Incentive Credit-I Local". Anyone know what this credit is for?

A little more info that might be useful... On Black Friday, I purchased a Pixel. The promotion was for $10 a month AFTER a $17.08 monthly bill credit that I will be seeing in 2-3 billing cycles with 2 or 3 monthly credits credited back to me. That would be $51.24 if the credits didn't show up for 3 cycles. So far, I haven't seen the $17.08 credit and I've received 3 bills now. A chat session rep told me that she doesn't know why I received a $100 credit but that it was issued by the store for the Pixel and said that I'll start seeing the monthly credit next cycle. Looking at the "next bill summary", I'm still seeing the full charge for the Pixel, though. (maybe the summary doesn't reflect the credits yet?)

No matter what I do, I can't get $100 divided by $17.08 evenly. Just can't do it. Lol. Like I said to the rep, I'm not complaining about a $100 credit, but I need it to make sense to me.

Has anyone here been in this situation and can explain it to me?

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Re: Customer Incentive Credit?

Community Manager
Community Manager

ColderFeet, this is very interesting. I know I would like to know. Let's review the bill and see what's going on. I will be sending you a private message.

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