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Currently not in US. Need to make payment (prepaid)


I'm currently not in the US and somehow my account was locked. It keeps asking the security question. Regardless of the answer, I got "Account Locked. Your account has been locked due to too many unsuccessful attempts at answering your secret question." (this happens since my first attempt, and I'm sure my answer is correct). To solve, the only option that page offers is to send a temporary password to my phone, which does not get service at all since I'm in US. Is there anyway else to solve this?

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Re: Currently not in US. Need to make payment (prepaid)

Asistencia al cliente

I understand the importance of ensuring your account is paid on time phnx9. Unfortunately, we do not have access to pre-paid accounts. However, you may reach out to our pre-paid customer service team for further assistance by calling 888-294-6804.


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