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Corporate office phone numbers


Hello! Please help!

I am currently a Verizon Wireless customer and have thus far been very happy with my service. Unfortunately, I've encountered an issue that's been going on for quite some time and I feel like contacting corprate is my only option at this point.
Long story short, a cash-only restriction was placed on my account when it shouldn't have been placed. It was because of a "returned" check of $350 that was never supposed to go through and was improperly initiated by one of your offshore supervisors. I was involved in several arguments trying to resolve this issue with your customer service agents and supervisors - one supervisor even called me back and left a threatening message on my voicemail. I was credited back the $350, but the cash hold is still there. Finally, a customer service agent named Rhys was able to attempt to get the hold removed and admitted that it was a Verizon error.
Every since getting into those arguments, my credit limit has mysteriously decreased by $2000 and the cash hold is still there. The letter of Adverse Action that I received stated that it was a 'routine credit review" and it was determined because of my past account performance and that my credit limit was going to be decreased. Two update eligibility checks were also done on my account without my permission. This has never happened to me before. Even when I was late last year. In fact, my credit limit has consistently increased. So this doesn't make since. Is it just a coincidence?
Now, I cannot upgrade or bill anything to my account. I've worked hard to achieve this status, but now it's gone. Please, if you could write or call me to resolve this issue, I would be so grateful. I didn't know where else to turn. Please help! Thank you.

Re: Corporate office phone numbers

Asistencia al cliente

So sorry to hear about the issues with your credit limit and cash only restriction, VertigoBlaze. I can understand why you are confused and I want to make sure that you get you the answers you need. We'll need more info to help with this, please check for the Private Note we have sent.