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I have a small complaint. Recently, my Ellipsis 8 stopped working. It will no longer turn on. We have had this device since November and do not use it often so it was a bummer when we found it not working. My husband then took this device into our Verizon Store. The manager stated that he would mail out a new Ellipsis to us and that we would then ship back the old one. Sounds good and dandy but they said that if the defective device had specific problems with it then we would owe $300 for the new Ellipsis replacement or we we would get it for free if it was a problem on Verizon's end. My specific issue is IF we are told we have to pay $300 for the replacement then we don't want it. We would rather return it and invest of money on another device. When I asked the our Verizon store on how to go about returning the new device if we don't want it he told me to call technical support.

I then called technical support they stated that normally the procedure for when devices don't work is to send the defective one in first and they either fix it and send it back or they don't fix it and send a new one out. So, the lady didn't understand why the manager decided to send us a new one out to begin with. She recommended sending both the defective device and the new device back if we did not want to "mess with it anymore."

I also inquired about cancelling the order and was told I could not do that even though the order was placed an hour prior to these conversations. In addition, I ran into a problem of technical support saying the Verizon store did not do things correctly and then the Verizon store saying techincal support did not give me the correct information.

What I really want is consistency among the Verizon store and technical support because they both provided very different information. I want people to be aware that it was frustrating talking to several people from technical support and several people from the store itself and everyone telling me something different.  I also think it's odd/seems backwards to send us a new device, explore the defective one, and then charge us (if need be) for the new one if the defective one is broken because of something we did. We don't want this exact same device if it will cost us $300.

Also, it is very confusing and no user friendly in trying to file a complaint.

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Re: Complaint


Oh man they really should have a training or something, it sounds like. I wouldn't want to be in a situation where listening to one person results in having to pay 300.00! Do you have anything like insurance? You still have a deductible but there wouldn't be any "oh we found such and such so now it's 300 dollars." I hope someone replies to you soon and gets you the right info.

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