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Change your unlimited plan, or leave by Aug 31st?


Is no one talking about this? i was told this effects me and im told the 100 gb plan will cost me 450 plus 5 lines and insurance. with overages i can expect to pay 3000? I dont believe ive been actually notified by verizon that this effects my account. but every rep i speak to tells me that i have to change or expect to be disconnected by aug 31st.  This has sent me on a downward spiral of the wireless industry.  At&t will slow me down and not offer hotspot for 5 people with ins AND forced to pay for directv for 2 yrs (cant install at my house) at&t asks for 270 b4 tax.  Yeah i have to slow down after 23gb and not power my computers an tvs at home... then At&t said i can BOGO note 7s on monthly plans an after 4 notes my bill is still less then 400$  with my current plan, with work discounts im avg 520$   With Verizon im paying so much more then any other carrier but yet Verizon says im not paying enough....  Verizon has forced me to shop around because if my math is correct there new plan is about 700 b4 tax or device installment plans on 5 phones... can you believe that, while paying 700 a month for note3s s4 an turbos?? im having a really hard time with this, are you?

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Re: Change your unlimited plan, or leave by Aug 31st?

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It only affected a small percentage of customers (about 1200), so not too many people have been talking about it. Verizon does the official notifications by postal letter to the affected account's billing address. Those letters hace already been mailed for disconnects occurring this month. What type of reps told you to expect a disconnect at the end of the month? (were they at the store, or call center, or did they call you?) How did the topic come up if you hadn't received an official notification letter? Do you average a high amount of data usage every month?

Re: Change your unlimited plan, or leave by Aug 31st?


It has been already discussed in about a half dozen or so threads started by others on the community. A search might have located those threads.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Change your unlimited plan, or leave by Aug 31st?

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How much data are you using per month? Did you receive a letter in the US Mail? How did the subject come up with customer service?

You are basically using a service designed for mobile devices as home Internet. Do you have other options in your area for home Internet? If you are using more than 100 GB in a month, even if you didn't get the letter, it would be prudent to start looking at options.

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