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Cannot update card in billing. It fails on your website


Cant edit/update card. Card number is greyed out. Tried to update the new expiration date and then tried to pay adding the new number on the back. Your website fails says it cant processes.

Cant delete existing card without adding a new card that is different from the existing one. Added a temp card and then deleted the card that I wanted to update. Logged out and back in. Added the card I wanted to update and saved. It accepted this. Then deleted the temporary card. Then tried to pay bill and the website fails says it cant process and to check/update card again. YOUR WEBSITE IS A TOTAL FAILURE and you wonder why you have billing issues. Try hiring coders instead of bloggers. Guess Ill have to make a completely uncessary trip to a verizon store to get this handled. I have been a loyal customer for close to 15 years. This experience has made me decide to that when its time to get new phones, I will be checking out the competition. For $250+ a month, this is unacceptable.

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Re: Cannot update card in billing. It fails on your website

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Don't do that, then you'd have someone trying to push a tablet without disclosing the 2 year contract. Use the app instead.

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