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Cannot change the city on my address in profile


I attempted to update my billing address and in the address section it would not let me change the city, even when I change the zip code it stays the same.

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Re: Cannot change the city on my address in profile

Asistencia al cliente

GURLCOP, thanks for trying to update your address through My Verizon. I can see why you reached out for some support; it is a bit odd that the city wouldn't change when you tried updating. I'll be happy to help take a look at this with you so that you can have the right address on the account.


To get some additional information, were you trying to update the address through the My Verizon app or a web browser?


In the case of the latter, I would recommend clearing your cache & cookies. Clearing those corrects 9/10 issues with My Verizon. If you need help in clearing those, let me know what browser you're using. I'd be happy to get the steps on how to clear those for your browser.


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