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Cancel lines on website forbidden but starting one is ok?


I'm curious why I can initiate a new line on my account via the website; however, I can't cancel a tablet line on my account (contract has expired).  I have read several answers over the last few years to similar questions only about cancelling and that the reasoning for calling from a landline or *611 is so that they can verify identity.  So why would the customer be allowed to make changes or ADD new features/phone lines with the website, and NOT have to verbally verify identity when STARTING a new line or changing the account (other than the secured log in on the Verizon website - that has security questions already established at the time of enrollment for online access.  I'm cancelling 1 of 5 lines - and still spending a few hundred each month and have done so for over 10 years.  I love my verizon service and my NOT CHEAP 7 or 8 iPhones that I have bought and will continue to buy when it suits me - but this particular double standard doesn't make much sense to me.... 

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Re: Cancel lines on website forbidden but starting one is ok?

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It's because there's more specific information regarding canceling lines than starting them, as well as the fact that it can be EXTREMELY difficult to get a number back if it is disconnected in error. When you cancel a line they want to review ETFs, final bill information, actual disconnection date, and depending on when you turn off service, potential proration of charges. Also, if, say, the line being canceled belongs to someone who is getting their own account somewhere, they might want to KEEP that number, but if you cancel it, it's gone. So you can be told options for transferring the number to a new account or porting it to a different carrier. Believe it or not, canceling a line can be a bigger commitment than starting one.

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