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Can not port out my phone number to other carrier


Dear VZW,

I am using other mobile carrier, want to port out one of my vzw phone number 1 or 2 months later.

The phone number I want can not port out.

How can I get help from VZW?

You may check my phone number <<removed>> on ""

It says "Uh oh. Sorry, we can’t transfer your number." from Republic Wireless.

I want to port the number. VZW shall allow port out the number.

Jeno K

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Re: Can not port out my phone number to other carrier


Best of luck to you.  I had problems with my port.  The Verizon website misled me to believe I could port my number but  actually I could not.  Afterward I was basically told by the store too bad deal with it.  My advice is don't leave the store or sign anything until it is completely the way you want it.  I was really disappointed because when I was with Verizon before I always had excellent customer service but left for a better price, now that the price is right the customer service is why I will leave ASAP.

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