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Buck Passing, Lies, and Indifference...the new CS model


I have been with Verizon for 10+ years. The last few days have been the most frustrating I have ever experienced with them. We assumed the liability of my step-daughter's ipad from her mom's account. We were told by her mom that there was still about a year left on the device's contract which she was paying $10 a month for.

(Day 1) So I take the ipad into the Verizon store and am told that they see where she spoke with customer service about transferring the device but that she didn't actually "say the words" that the device could be transferred. They were unwilling to contact her while I was in the store so I ended up having to leave without it resolved and call into the Assumption of Liability department once she had called and given actual authorization. So, we contacted her and waited for her to resolve the problem so I could call and transfer it.

(Day 2) I then called into what the guy at the store told me was the Assumption of Liability Dept only to get Customer Service. I told the CS guy what I was trying to do and he proceeds to transfer me. Unfortunately, since he didn't take the time to listen to me, he transferred me to the wrong department. I get yet another representative who, after working with me for 10 minutes figures out I am with the wrong department and transfers me again. This time I finally get the Assumption of Liability Dept.  The gentleman goes through the whole process with me (15 minutes) only to then tell me that mom has given permission for my husband, not me specifically, who is a user on MY account but ultimately not the owner of the account. He tells me that the only way I can do the assumption of liability is if mom gives me, specifically, permission. At which point he offers to call her (why couldn't the store do this yesterday??) to get the proper permissions so we can proceed. Unfortunately, she doesn't answer her phone so now, according to this guy, we are done until she can be reached or until she calls and resolves the permissions. I asked if, given the current permissions on my account, my husband could call and transfer the device. The guy said, yes. Which is interesting since it is MY account.

So later that evening, my husband calls in and speaks to a lady who proceeds to ask him for all of MY personal information in order to proceed with the transfer. So, I can't do the transfer but you need all of my personal information (DOB, password, etc etc etc) for it to happen!?  He is told by this lady that it would have to be put on its own contract on my account and that it would cost us $30/month for 2G of data. He thought that was strange since it was currently on its own contract and mom was only paying $10/month. This conversation went back and forth a few times before the lady he was speaking with came up with a 1G plan for $20/month. He said fine and the conversation ended with all the normal stuff.  I then look at the device on my MyVerizon app and see that it is, in fact, not on a 1G/$20 plan but on the original 2G/$30 plan.

(Day 3) In order to figure out what was going on with my account, I called into Customer Service today to see if we could resolve this issue and get the billing issues ironed out. Unfortunately, for day 3 it was more of the same with Verizon's Customer (lack-of) Service. The lady I spoke with did, at least, explain why we would be charged more than mom was paying (although it is asinine and ridiculous) but then was suddenly unable to find any plan that was 1G for $20 a month like the lady in Day 2 found for my husband...confirming that she lied. At which point I became increasingly more frustrated and expressed my frustration at the process and the lies and told her that I felt that with 10+ years of loyalty one would think that Verizon could at least own this mistake and make good on the original offer. She proceeded to tell me that this wasn't something she could do.

Basically, after 10+ years of loyalty and 3 days of frustration...I was given a giant "Sorry, Not Sorry" from customer service. Essentially, after 10+ years of loyalty to your company and numerous referrals...I was met with a giant "fuck you."   The sad part of this is that there is some raging asshole who calls into customer service and will bully his way into juts about anything he demands but because I don't treat your customer service people like trash I am told there is nothing that can be done. The reality is, there are things that can be done. Companies do it all the time...make up for bad customer service by providing some tiny consolation prize for their trouble. It isn't that you can't...it's that you won't! AND THAT MAKES THIS ALL THAT MUCH MORE FRUSTRATING!!! In the end, it was 3 days of passing the buck, transferring of responsibility, incompetence, lies, and ultimately, indifference. But I guess, that's what loyalty buys you these days.

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