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Why am I still charged for Arizona fees ? We visit for 3 months and return to IN.  I left there in March .

Regulatory Charge $0.36
Administrative Charge $2.52
IN Utility Receipts Surcharge $0.67
IN Universal Service Fee $0.25
***Mesa City Trans Priv Surchg $0.68
***Maricopa Cnty Trans Priv Surch $0.24
***AZ Trans Priv Surchg $1.90
Fed Universal Service Charge $1.54
IN Telecom Relay Surcharge $0.06
IN State PUC Fee $0.04

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Re: Billing


Did you change both your billing address and the service address associated with your account and/or line? The billing address is where the bill is sent, but the service address is what determines which taxes are applied to the bill. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

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Re: Billing

Community Manager
Community Manager


Sorry for any billing confusion. We want to make sure that this billing matter is corrected for you. Verizon Wireless surcharges are assessed based on the service address for your primary place of use. Your bill will include Verizon Wireless' Administrative, Regulatory and Federal Universal Service Charge surcharges. You will need to update your billing address online at My Verizon to correct this billing matter. Click the link below for the steps on how to update your billing address:


Click the link below for more information regarding how you're billed for taxes, surcharges, and fees: 





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