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Billing Harrasment


I have been with VW for almost 20 years (spent roughly $28,000), paying my bills most of the time on time and rarely goes more than 1 billing cycle past the due date.

I recently noticed that a few days before the billing cycle closes, I started to get text messages telling me that my statement will be available soon, every day until the closing date. Let me just clarify, the closing date is not the due date which is usually about 20 days after the billing closing date.

But this harassment doesn't stop on the closing date. A day after the closing date, I start getting text messages, phone calls and emails several times a day, every day, telling me that my account is past due and that my account is subject to interruption. 

Just like every other person in the US, I get bills from various vendors: Credit Cards, Utilities, CableTV etc.... and yes, sometimes I miss the due date. Most companies usually will carry over the past due to the next bill, sometimes charge late fee, and notify me once or twice that my account is past due.

But Verizon Wireless decided that it's better to abuse their power being the owner of the cell network and harass its loyal customers for paying their bills.

I own a company, although not the size of Verizon,  but we also have clients on monthly billing programs. When a client miss their payment date, we NEVER treat them this way. We send them friendly notification via emails and most of the times, the payment is made before the next billing cycle closing date

I called the financial services and spoke with a supervisor who kept reading me a canned answers without really looking into how she could help mitigate my complaint. It is quite disappointing to see companies who chooses to server the process rather than serving the customer.

I guess after almost 20 years with VW, the time may have come to depart to another vendor.


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Re: Billing Harrasment


I just got out off the phone  and I will have to get a larger bill to get my cycle to be back the way it was. Not helpful at all and wasn't able to explain why after 17 years of service they would test there customer this way.

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Re: Billing Harrasment

Líder Sénior

Sounds like you have a habit of paying late.  Why not set up auto pay?   I hate to pop the bubble but othe carriers will just shut off service, with out notice.  Verizon has the most generous "late payment" in the industry.   Att shuts you off  any time 1 to 4 days late.

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