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Better Verizon Up Getting Even Better


I like Verizon Up becoming available as a treat for everybody every month.  It is great for that Starbucks treat!!  I think for the future that another improvement can be made.  I think it would be great if Verizon Up issued a rollover reward worh $5 that can be applied to rewards making it a larger discount.  I also like the idea of gaining more $5 rewards individually for paying a larger bill like the previous plan worked so I can select a rollover reward and rollover quicker for that special item I like.  This would make me want Verizon Fios, Ultra Broadband, Cellualr and Apple equipment all on one bill to accumulate a decent rollover for my reward.


Re: Better Verizon Up Getting Even Better

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We are glad to hear you love your Verizon Up rewards. We appreciate the feedback submitted and we will make sure to deliver it to the appropriate channels. Should any questions or concerns come up. We are here for you.