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Be careful when you go in to a Verizon store


About a month and a half ago, we went in to our local Verizon Store to check on switching our plan to the Unlimited data plan. We were told by the sales person (aka con artist) that he could save us about $200 or so on our bill. He wrote out this neat little worksheet and showed us what our bill would be approximately if we switched. Then to take my attention off of that, he talked about the HUM for our vehicles. Now while I have had the HUM before and I liked it, the deal that he was going to give me for the devices was good and I wanted to get them due to them having more features than our OnStar. So after I turned his attention back to our plan that we were switching to, he said, that it was a great deal. We were already getting a great deal on our plan but it didn't have unlimited data so I went ahead and switched. So today I get my new bill and it is $105 more than what he told me that it would be. Also, I had 4 phones that are on a payment plan that I was getting a $25 credit each for every month. That has gone away. So I am guessing that is the $100 extra, but he never told me that those credits would end when I switched plans. I will be going to the store on Saturday to talk to the manager and to let them know that as soon as my phones and devices are paid off, I will be looking for a new provider. I have been a Verizon customer since 2004 and they have never been like this. Shame on Verizon!!!

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