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Bait and switch Hum


I was at a home show recently where Verizon was on hand with kiosks set set up everywhere. I am an existing customer so the sales associate told me if I spent a few minutes with him he could save me some money. Sure why not I said. About 40 minutes later, my husband and I walked away with a new Hum (wireless device for our car) and $40 off our current bill. WOW!!! To good to be did we add a feature to our plan and our bill is $40 cheaper? Well, 2 weeks later when our new bill shows up online, it shows that our bill went up about $70!!! I called customer service, waited on hold for 25 minutes and long story short, since I have already had the Hum for 2 weeks, I'm stuck in my 2 year contract and they can't help me. I'm sorry WHAT??? I didn't sign anything saying my bill would go up $70 a month. Then, the customer service representative told me she had to get off the phone and that her supervisor would be calling me back. She practically hung up on me.... 12 hours later and still no call back! Has anyone else had this happen to them? I am beyond livid!! This is complete garbage as if Verizon can't control the fraud that their employees perpetrate they should at least put my account back to where it was prior to their employee jacking it up. I didn't need to Hum device. I took it because he told me there was a credit that would drop my bill!!! Shame on you Verizon!!!!

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Re: Bait and switch Hum

Community Manager
Community Manager

Lamattina01, we are so sad to hear about your experience. We always want our customers to save money when they can, and we always want to provide the correct information when making any change. We do want to help you in any way we can.


We have sent you a Private Message, since this is something that cannot be addressed publicly. Please only respond to that message going forward.



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Re: Bait and switch Hum


Sales reps work off comission. Any time a sales rep wants to add something while claiming you either need it or new equipment will save money, walk away. Unless you also did something like a plan change, it should have been a red flag.

As far as Verizon controlling employees, no company has the ability to make their employees do what they wish. Shady employees get fired and new ones hired in their place. What makes this difficult for you is that there was consent for the HUM. Instead of saying no, the equipment was agreed on. Any device with a 2 year contract or device payment needs either a signature or terms and conditions to be accepted from your My Verizon account. Unless this rep did that for you, it's not considered fraud.

Verizon has a 14 day return period, after that you're stuck. The phone rep couldn't do anything and has to deal with a backed up call queue. Had they processed a disconnect, you'd be hit with a $175 termination fee.

Not excusing any of the situation, but at some point you tell people no. You don't agree to anything unless you researched it first. 

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