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Re: Bait and Switch !

Verizon Employee

mdr49, we would never want you to feel that you were part of a bait and switch. We rely on doing business with integrity and we always want to ensure that you have the right expectations before making a purchase or performing any changes to your account.

From the details, it sounds like there was additional information regarding the promotion that was not clearly shared up front. We truly apologize for this experience. We always want to provide the best support for our customers and we will do our part to share this feedback with our leadership.

It's our goal to ensure that you're getting the answers that you deserve and there are no questions left answered. Were there any additional questions or concerns that you had regarding the promotion and its details? If so, can you please confirm the make/model of your purchase along with the date that your purchase was made? This information will help us locate the particular promotion to help answer any of your questions.


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